Why Us

Marketing Content Fuels Your Entire Campaign. What’s in Your Tank?

Many companies gladly spend small fortunes on building beautiful Web sites, advertising campaigns, public relations, and branding. But when it comes to content, many companies have Eddie in engineering or Fran the freelancer create their content. It’s like investing in a Ferrari, and then making your own fuel in your bathtub out of fermented potatoes. A Ferrari running on home-made fuel drives like a junker.


  • For Adobe, we create a series of developer articles that they publish on their own Web site as well as on other Web sites. Dollar for dollar, our articles drive several times more traffic than the same dollars spent on banner ads. Because the articles are written by noted experts and the subjects are carefully selected and timed, bloggers and other online publications voluntarily link to our articles. High-quality articles published on just the right subject at just the right time fuel Web site traffic.
  • For IBM, we’re their largest outside vendor for creating articles and tutorials on the IBM developerWorks site. When we look at IBM’s top traffic-producing articles, Studio B’s articles enjoy top spots on the list. Why? It’s all about quality and timing. When you create great content, top sites like shashdot.org voluntarily link to your articles.
  • For First Data, they started a thought leadership campaign to help their industry better understand opportunities related to mobile and electronic commerce and marketing analytics. When the campaign started, they had six vendors lined up to create content. Within six months, we were the last one standing. Why? We knew how to tell their story in a memorable and exciting way. We’re not just creating content for them, we’re fueling their marketing objectives and helping to propel them forward.
  • For Microsoft, we analyzed their complete content offering for one of their key products. We had a team of 30 subject matter experts that analyzed 2,600 pieces of content. The team’s mission was to determine whether Microsoft’s content addressed the real issues their customers were concerned about. Our team determined that only a small fraction of the existing content did and suggested a complete content plan to fully address the target market’s concerns. Most importantly, we suggested a plan that helped Microsoft create a variety of different content formats (shorter white papers, video, and audio) as well as different levels of content to help customers progress through the buying cycle. The plan we offered and implemented cost a small fraction of their initial investment in content, and it helped to eliminate issues preventing the deployment of their technology.
  • For AOL, we helped fuel their online developer’s community with a steady stream of bloggers, articles, and tips to raise awareness for their development tools. The site continues to grow, and their tools continue to become more popular.

Anyone can create marketing content, but only experts can create the kind of content that will make a Ferrari drive like a Ferrari.

Commitment to Your Success: You Stay in Control

We pride ourselves on how long we’ve been working with our customers. If ever you’re not satisfied with how a piece of content came out, we use it as a learning opportunity. First, we keep working until you’re happy. Second, we refine our process with you to make sure that we prevent similar problems in the future. We also like to view ourselves as a partner rather than just a vendor. We’re not going to be “yes men.” If we feel there’s a better way of doing something or if we’re concerned you may not realize your goals, we’re going to speak up—discretely, of course. You can count on us to go the extra mile to make you successful. In short, the more you work with us, the more value we deliver.

We invite you to contact us so that we can discuss your marketing strategies and see how we can be a partner in your success.